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DVGrabGUI 0.9.4


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DVGrabGUI is a small graphical tool to capture a dv video stream from a camcorder. It's designed to be both usable 'screen closed' (control of the 'record'/'pause' with the mouse buttons), e.g. with a laptop in a backpack, or with a small touchscreen, to direct control of what you are recording.

It's using the dv capture code of "DVGrab" (v.2), a command-line tool by Dan Dennedy and the "Kino" team.
It is released under the GPL license, either v.2 or any later version, at your option.
I hope you'll find it useful!


  1. Usage
  2. Reference
    1. Window Menus
    2. Video window
    3. Video window ('small' mode)
    4. 'Capture' settings
    5. 'Hardware' settings
    6. 'GUI' settings

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